Sunday, October 25, 2009

weekend recap: scooby doo, wrestling, and more scooby doo.

Zander and I had a nice little weekend together. Not too eventful, but entertaining as usual. Friday Papa, Zander, and I went to Outlaws to eat. Zander behaved well, and ate great! Madison's (zander's gf) mommy was there and Zander was so excited to go say hi to her. Some of his friends from school were there as well. I swear he knows more people in Springfield than I do. Saturday we woke up, watched a few cartoons (scooby doo) and then went to the park. Zander opted to ride his bike all the way to Riverside Park rather than get a ride in the stroller. I warned him he might get tired on the way back, but he was convinced he wouldn't. Well, he was not happy with having to ride his bike all the way back. He did it, but cried the entire way. We spent the rest of the day wrestling, playing catch, pretending to be super hero's, watching cartoons, etc. Sunday Zander finally got to play with his best friend Ethan. Whenever Zander is with Ethan he is really LOUD and excited. Ethan is the complete opposite: quiet and laid back. Must be why they get along so well.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

a day in the life.....

walking across the bridge to the west bank
(i think it is odd that no one else is on the bridge with me considering i took this mid-day. kind of eerie)

love this view of the city

new theme

Well, I have decided to change the idea behind our blog. Since Zander is staying with gma & gpa during the week I decided to update the blog based on what I am up to each day (or every other) so he knows what i'm doing "at my school and in my cities" as he calls it. Now, each day Zander can check our blog to see if I have updated it or not. I think this will be fun for Zander and I because he doesn't really like talking on the phone, but he does like looking at pictures on the computer. On the weekends, Zander and I will post together! We will see how this works....