Monday, November 30, 2009

the past month...

here are a few pics from the past month....

when we were walking up the stairs to go into the stadium zander yells, "this is awwwesome!"

Thursday, November 5, 2009

this has got me thinking....

So yesterday I went to lunch at The Nook, which I HIGHLY recommend. It is across the street from Creighton Durham Hall HS, and has absolutely the best burgers. EVER. Well, the place is quite small and lives up to its name bc it is a nook. So we sat at the bar next to another woman. She was very nice and was chatting with me. She leaned over and whispered to me that she had a message for me, that she had this intuition about me, told me i was a beautiful woman and she wanted me to take the note and read it later. She gave me the note and then told me to read it, and if I wanted to keep it I could. This was her message to me:
Do not wait for true Love to find you. find true love for yourself. then, love will come your way
Do not wait for world peace to have inner peace
Do not be afraid of death for if you cease to exist, then you'll never know that you existed!
There is an after life. I see, feel, hear, dream of ghosts.
If the hippies/baby boomers were right we are all one. then essentially you are God, me, him, and Mr. T!
"where there's a will there's a way" DO IT.

I have read this over, and over, and over since yesterday. There are so many things I could say about this message but it would go on for pages. One thing I do have to say is that I find it extremely chilling, intriquing, inspiring...especially the part about ghosts because those of you who know me well, my life goal is to be a paranormal investigator and wish I had the intuition that this woman, psychic mediums, etc have. I think they are the people who are intouch with themselves, the world. So anyways, take it as you wish......

halloween through the years....

2009- Age 3
2008- Age 2
2007- Age 1
2006- Age 3 months

Zander's favorite costume so far is his CHICKEN costume....that is my favorite too. He had a lot of fun trick or treating...and eating his candy of course. I was able to sneak a few pieces but he keeps pretty good tabs on it so it was a difficult task.
Last Sunday, Zander came up to "the cities" with me. Every time I exit onto the 4th St./Univ. Ave exit off 35W North, Zander asks, "are we in your cities mommy? is this your cities?" I LOVE it! And then of course we have to drive by THE STADIUM. I warned him before we drove by that we couldn't go inside, we could only look because it was closed. Of course there were ppl in their cleaning from the previous nights game and he wanted to know why he couldn't go in there. These people looked like ants and he of course could see them 2 blocks away. After that we went to our apartment where Zander told me it smelled. So I asked him if it smelled bad and he said yes. So, we spent the next 2 hours cleaning. I learned that the Swiffer is excellent for kids haha and he loved Swiffering!