Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the best christmas yet

dear zander,
this has been my my favorite christmas thus far with YOU
they get better and better each year
more and more fun
i love your comments and facial expressions
oh, to be 3 years old again!
you are my favorite person, zander.
love, mommy

Monday, December 7, 2009

sunday funday

the bed turned into a jungle gym
i love you zander brighton
my favorite person in the whole world.
being silly
so funny
wrestling match
Me in a headlock
Zander and I had such a FUN afternoon yesterday. We went to lunch at Joe Sensor's with auntie ally. We watched some football and played Zander's favorite game, Buck Hunter. He was very well behaved. Then we dropped ally off and went back to our apt to hangout. We were playing cars and reading books and then Z heard something. It was "CrEePy cRaWleeS" (it was actually Punky under the bed). Zander protected us from them by being a wolf and growling at them when we heard them. It was too funny. When Punky finally came out from under the bed Zander was soo surprised..and relieved. He could finally leave the bed. And of course, we had to wrestle. I am honestly sore today from our wrestling match. I am starting to get a little concerned about how I am going to feel in a couple years after our wrestling matches....I don't foresee him 'taking it easy on mom'.