Friday, February 27, 2009

but a snow day!

Zander had fun helping Grandpa outside yesterday. Punky was out too, but had to come in because he kept stealing Z's mittens. The snow started at about 9am and by 11am we couldn't see across the street! I am not even sure how much snow we actually got.

not a silly face day

I asked Zander to make a silly face and first he said after Dora is over. Then he said in a couple mintues. Finally he tried but he said he had no silly faces left.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Zander had 2 Gogurts for breakfast, and then 2 later in the day which caused for some awful smelling gas. He first tried to blame Punky, but soon had to leave the room himself it smelled so bad. So far he has one today and the smell continues to linger. This should make for an interesting Pull-up later.

Monday, February 23, 2009

project complete!

Well, the purses are done! They turned out awesome (thanks mom). I forgot to take a pic of the others before ally and coco took them so I just have a pic of mine for now. I also put up a few of my favorite scrapbook pages I have done recently. So, enjoy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

my creative side

My mom & I are making some purses for my 3 sisters, my mom, myself, and a baby bag for miss hattie. We cut out the material for my mom's tonight, and will finish hers this week hopefully! This was my first time following a pattern, so needless to say I got pricked a few times putting in the needles. I'm learning....

this is the purse pattern

my fabric of choice

miss hattie's

mi madre's

top: hattie, mom, me
bottom: em, ally or coco for the last two

I made up just a few random Valentine's Day cards...and then my creativity ran dry. This will do for now....

Grandpa's Cabin in the Winter....

This past weekend Zander & I went with my parents to DL (Detroit Lakes) to visit my sister Emily, brother-in-law Ryan, and of course Hattie. We had tons of fun as always. Hattie is getting soo big. It really made me miss Zander being that little again. Before we headed home we drove over to PR (Park Rapids) to check out a new grocery store being built & Grandpa's cabin. I had never been there in the Winter so it was pretty awesome to see it covered in snow. You can see all the other cabins so easily because there are no leaves on the trees. The snow was so deep though!

Some fish houses

Cabin this past summer