Thursday, March 12, 2009

more sb...

sliced my finger on the paper cutter..ouch!

splish splash

Zander & I made this page together, which is probably why it took nearly 1.5 hours to do! But so much fun. He wants to help, but sometimes too much. He puts glue everywhere. We are both ready for spring/summer, which is where the inspiration to do this page came from. It is Z's first time at Itasca State Park last summer. So much fun!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We were at the EP mall last week at the play place, and Tom decided Zander needed a haircut. We had been talking about getting him a haircut for a couple weeks but finally got it done. I told Tom I was not going with because whenever I go he cries. So, I initially said just a trim. As I was saying that I looked up and saw Zander with his back turned to me and realized that he needed a real cut to get rid of the rats nest he had going on. It was bitter sweet because I miss his curls, but the haircut turned out great. However, he looks much older :( Turns out Zander was very good at his haircut (of course I wasn't with). He even got TWO suckers and got to watch Dora during it.
I had to throw in the pic of Punky, because he is so cute when he is sleeping :)..and now he is up next for a haircut.

Dora, Dora, Dora

Zander's new found love is Dora & Boots (Dora's sidekick). Occasionally he will choose to watch Little Einsteins but everything is Dora these days! I found on Dora's website that she is coming to the State Theater in Minneapolis in May so I am hoping to get tickets to that. Anyone want to go see Dora live, let me know!