Sunday, March 28, 2010

fun filled day!

saturday was zander/mommy day. we started the day by baking brownies. mmmm so good! then zander's friend Teagan came over while us mommies talked. they had been together about 5 min. and we heard giggling. we found them covered up sitting in bed just giggling away. it was to cute. teagan follows zander around like a puppy dog and does whatever he does. after that zander and i went to the mankato mall to find him some new sandals for this summer and for something to do. we went to Barnes & Noble and read a book about sharks and a book about reptiles- zander's favorite things to learn about lately. we went to target, got a bag of popcorn, and walked around the store looking at all the new spring toys. next we hit up scheels to look for some Keen sandals- which i highly recommend, esp for little boys. this is the only shoe that can handle the ware and tare of zander! his last pair last two years and the only reason we need new ones is because he outgrew them. they are in near perfect condition. this year he chose the green/camo ones. lastly, we hit up the play place. we came home, had dinner, played, and went to bed early!

Monday, March 22, 2010

baking & swimming

yesterday morning zander and i started our morning off with making eggs for breakfast. we have been eating a lot of eggs lately because zander's favorite thing to do in the kitchen is crack the eggs! after he finished his eggs he wanted to crack some more eggs so he suggested making some muffins. well, then he saw the cookie mix and opted to go with that. they were oatmeal cookies, but then Z suggested we add some chocolate chips. apparently that wasn't enough and we needed to add some M&M's. we finally got all our ingredients mixed together, and then he told me, "you can finish making them". typical! :) not even 5 min. later he came back into the kitchen asking if the cookies were done. this repeated several more times for the next 10 min. while they were baking one of zander's lines to papa were, "papa i'm baking cookies! i'm thinking you and grandma are really going to want one!" after lunch zander & i, and his friend teagan from school and her mommy went swimming! zander just got new goggles so he was super excited to try them out in the pool (he had just been wearing them around the house).

blah blah blog

well, that pretty much sums up this blog for the past, oh YEAR! i love reading blogs. i read all my sisters blogs, friends & families blogs, even random blogs. but i always feel like no one really reads my blog anyways so there really isn't a point. but who cares?! SO, i am going to try much harder at updating my blog! i was chatting with a friend of mine (his name is Victor) about his blog. he is from sweden, and is currently living there now. he golfed at the u of m, which is where i met him. his blog is about his journey as a professional golfer- and one of my favorite to read. i find it quite interesting because i don't know much about golf, and people who don't golf much often think of it as a "lazy" sport. it definitely is not. he trains everyday and is always trying to better himself. check it out for yourself: